New Beginnings

New Beginnings - Day One

Adeline Walker, Barry Gretzky, and Gwendalyn Bhaelus; three young people living in Conway, Nova Scotia on the shore of the Bay of Fundy have just had their lives flipped upside down.

As Adeline Walker sat down to read Striker’s Journal she began to empathize with the author’s pain and heartbreak. As she felt her own Rage grow within herself she noticed that her physical form was also growing. Fearing for the safety of her three brothers in the next room, Adeline kicked down the wall of her bedroom to escape. In the process she woke her brothers who fled the house in terror when they tried to see if Adeline was alright.

Barry Gretzky was cornered in an alley way behind his mother’s diner, The Turtle Shell Diner, along with his friend Chris. Beaten to the verge of consciousness, Barry fought back with his new found teeth and claws and quickly reduced his attackers to blood stains on the walls.

In a dream Gwendalyn Bhaelus found herself chasing a pure white doe through an old growth forest. As she ran, she became aware of new scents and realized she was in a wolf’s body. Coming to a clearing, the doe stopped running and offered her throat to Gwen who circled around but refused to land the final bite. After a moment the doe turned and walked to the edge of the forest where she met with Stag. They both walked off together into the forest, Stag looking back to Gwen as the forest shimmered and Gwen found herself awake in a more familiar forest, still in a wolf’s body.

Unsure of what was happening and looking for answers, Gwendalyn Bhaelus started heading towards the pier where she knew she would find her friend, Nickoli. Before she got there, she came across Barry who was wandering along a corn field and howled to get his attention. As they investigated each other, Adeline, who had heard Gwen’s howl, approached the pair. After introducing each other and hearing each other’s stories, the three realized that none of them knew what was happening. However, they believe that Striker’s Journal may hold some answers and decided to head towards Adeline’s trailer to retrieve the book.


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